iPhoneXI concept new machine: 6 inches + 4500 mAh, 2500 cheaper than iPhone XS Max

From the development of mobile phones in recent years, the appearance of mobile phones is getting better and better, and the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more diversified, but the price of mobile phones is also rising. Take Apple’s mobile phone, since 2012, Apple’s mobile phone has occupied a place in the domestic market. At that time, an iPhone4 sold for more than 5,000, and it still has no price. From the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6, the price seems to have dropped a bit, but after the release of the iPhoneX in 2017, the price of the iPhone has increased dramatically, and the iPhone XS Max has reached the price of 2999. Although the price of Apple’s mobile phone is soaring, consumers are still unable to withstand the temptation of the iPhone.

It is undeniable that the work of the iPhone is still at the top of the world. With the rapid rise of domestic mobile phones, the advantages of the iPhone are getting smaller and smaller. The main reason is that the iPhone can be too small. Compared with the monthly launch of domestic mobile phones, the market is full of various price phones and iPhones. I released a mobile phone in just one year. As the leader in the mobile phone industry, Apple is now not to be outdone. According to the foreign media onleaks report, iPhone 2019 may have two conferences, one in March and one in September, and also gave renderings and parameters of the new iPhoneXI.

According to the renderings given by foreign media and the parameters of the new iPhoneXI, the iPhoneXI positioning is also a high-end mobile phone, but the most important thing is to solve some old problems left by the iPhone. And the appearance of this new iPhone is also a big change, from the picture it seems to return to the meaning of Jobs design. The new iPhone XI uses a 6-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340×1080p. Unlike the previous one, the IX line of this iPhoneXI is very tough. Whether it is from the screen or the border, it has the shadow of iPhone4.

In terms of camera, this iPhone uses a front-mounted dual-camera design with 12 million and 8 million pixels in front of the camera. It is worth mentioning that this iPhone has the latest AI beauty technology, which is also the first time for the iPhone to adapt the beauty function to the front camera, which greatly facilitates the user’s shooting steps. In terms of the rear, the new iPhoneXI concept is also full of sincerity. There are a total of 3 cameras in the rear, and the pixels are 16 million + 12 million + 8 million, of which 8 million are wide-angle cameras with ordinary lenses. More than 25% of the viewing angle.

In terms of configuration, this phone still uses the A12 processor of Apple last year. The 4GB design is used in the storage, and the storage is 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. In the unlocking mode, Apple added an offline fingerprint unlocking method for this iPhoneXI. Users can use the Face ID and the screen fingerprint to unlock at the same time. The two unlocking methods are two-pronged. As soon as there is a way to pass, the mobile phone will immediately Unlocking greatly increases the speed at which your phone is unlocked.

The last thing to say is the battery of the iPhoneXI concept new machine. This new iPhone uses a graphene 4500 mAh super-capacity battery, which is the first battery of Apple’s battery capacity to break the 4000 mAh mark. However, the battery capacity of 4500 mA does not support the fast charge function. Overall, this phone is an upgraded version of all iPhone products in previous years, solving the problem of battery power in Apple’s mobile phone.


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