The new iPhone or the long 2019: Netizens reacted fiercely!

As time goes by, there are only less than seven months left in Apple’s fall release. I believe many people have already begun to look forward to the design and configuration hardware of this new iPhone this year. After all, Cook said before that: 2019 will start to adjust the price of its iPhone, and the new iPhone will also be used to price the new machine with reference to the macroeconomic situation. It is conceivable that this year This new iPhone is still very worthy of everyone’s expectations.

As we all know, since the launch of three iPhones in 2018, the market reaction has given Apple a big blow. In the lucrative fourth quarter of 2018 (also when major mobile phone manufacturers got together to release flagship models), Apple failed to do so. During the period of “capture” a large number of consumers, in addition to the overall weakness of the mobile phone market in 2018, the lack of three iPhone products in 2018 is also an important factor leading to its marketing failure.

Therefore, the functional design of the new iPhone in 2019 may be a sharp edge for Apple to “recover lost ground”. After all, iPhone revenue accounts for half of Apple’s overall revenue.

The latest news shows that this year’s three iPhones will abandon the Lightning interface and switch to the USB Type-C interface, but it is not certain that the Lightning lightning interface will remain.

In addition, Apple plans to introduce some new camera features, including the top-end model of the iPhone will be equipped with three rear cameras, while the other two models will be equipped with two rear cameras. The upgraded version of the iPhone XS Max is expected to be equipped with a rear three camera, and an upgraded version of the iPhone XR will have a new dual camera.

The possibility of Apple launching a three-camera iPhone in 2019 continues to increase. It is reported that one of Apple’s component partners expects to focus more on the three-camera business in 2019.

If the iPhone 11 Max launched in September is equipped with a three-camera, this means that the iPhone is eighteen months behind the competition.

It is worth mentioning that 5G mobile phones are currently we are looking forward to, but Apple’s mobile phone has not heard such news, probably because Apple’s mobile phone has not yet mastered such technology, after all, Apple’s recent company is not too big. The energy to study such new technologies, and because the baseband affects the signal, Apple has said that it has begun to study its own baseband, and it has no more energy. Of course, it is also possible that Apple’s mobile phone thinks that it is not a good time for a 5G mobile phone to be released. There must be a lot of immature places in the initial development. In addition, many cities do not support 5G networks, so under such circumstances, Apple’s mobile phone is temporarily There is no 5G trend.

In terms of price, the news said that this year’s three iPhones will maintain the pricing system of last year, which is still 6499-12799 yuan, there may be fluctuations but there will be no major adjustments, and Apple is still full of confidence.

Mingmei unlimited I also think that the iPhone will not easily cut prices, especially the new iPhone, even if it is compromised, it will basically be the same as the price of 2018, so that it will not hurt the price system, and it will not hurt. It will have a big impact on the capital market. The iPhone’s pricing, sales and updates have a big impact on Apple. It’s not just that the product is not sold so easily. Its success or failure is the cornerstone of the market’s confidence in Apple. For the price of this cornerstone, Apple will be cautious.

However, if the next-generation iPhone can enhance the hardware performance, enhance innovation in design, photographing, charging and battery life, make up for the short board, and let users feel the technical strength of Apple, then even if the price maintains the status quo, there will be quite Some consumers are willing to pay the bill.

Coincidentally, in the past two days, Apple has once again had a new move. According to supply chain news, due to the current optimistic sales of iPhone in China, Apple will mainly launch the red version of iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS Max for the Chinese market in order to enhance both. Sales, while the red version of the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS Max will be directly available at the end of February, but the price is still around 10,000 yuan.

In the end, Mingmei is infinite. What I want to say is: Although the reaction of netizens is now “sorrowful,” the new iPhone has not yet been released, and USB-C may have a glimmer of hope. We only continue to pay attention to follow-up news and look forward to the last real opportunity.


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