What is the difference between the IP rating of the waterproof phone and the waterproof rating of the iPhone and Samsung?

I don’t know if most of my friends have used mobile phones with waterproof function. If you have encountered a situation where your mobile phone has been accidentally dropped into the water, the whole mobile phone has fallen into the water and then scrapped from it, or you feel that you are quite awkward and have If necessary, you can consider the waterproof function as one of the necessary purchase conditions when choosing a mobile phone in the future. It is understood that the principle of waterproof mobile phones is generally achieved by using a special waterproof case, or by using a closed workmanship. The degree of waterproofing can range from the prevention of rainwater to the use of underwater waters of up to 30 meters. So what level of waterproof mobile phone can be found on the market? Let’s take a look at the waterproof evaluation of the iPhone and Samsung’s three mobile phones.

The iPhone 8 was released as early as September 2017. It is understood that the iPhone 8 has IP67 waterproof performance, which means that the phone can theoretically withstand a distance of 0.15 to 1 meter in water depth and keep it for 30 minutes. However, the friends should pay attention, try not to soak the phone in the water for a long time. Xiaobian learned that there was a foreign evaluation team dedicated to testing the waterproofness of the iPhone8. They put the phone in the bucket of water for more than 20 minutes. As a result, the phone entered the water and appeared to restart. . It is said that the evaluation team later took the phone to find the iPhone for warranty, but Apple refused because they deliberately soaked water.

Netizens have different opinions on this matter. Some netizens think that they should not deliberately take their mobile phones to soak in water, but some think that Apple should give a warranty because the mobile phone is in the IP67 range. What do you think of your friends?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released in February 2018. It is said to have IP68 waterproof performance, which is the highest waterproof level in the world. In theory, this level of mobile phone can withstand a distance of 1.5 to 30 meters in water depth and last for 30 minutes.

The iPhone X was released in September 2017 and has an IP67 rating. Xiaobian learned that the test team took the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X to do the waterproof test. They put the two phones in a container with a water depth of 2 meters. In about 9 minutes, the Samsung Galaxy S9 showed a black screen. In the case, this indicates that the phone has entered the water. The iPhone X also had a black screen in about 20 minutes. Although the two mobile phones can be used normally after entering the water, it is said that the sound quality of the two mobile phones has deteriorated before. It seems that most of the functions of the mobile phone after entering the water can still be used normally, but it will affect the components of the mobile phone more or less. It seems that even the world’s highest level of IP68 waterproof mobile phone, can not escape this fate.

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