Apple’s new patent exposure foldable iPhone is coming?

In the past 2018, major mobile phone manufacturers have played a comprehensive screen, and “real full screen” has become the key word in the mobile phone industry in 2018. In the 2019 that has already arrived, the “folding screen” will become one of the new keywords. The concept of distance folding has been proposed for a long time, but it has not been realized due to technical problems.

At the end of the 18th year, Rouyu Technology’s soft-selling mobile phone unexpectedly became the world’s first folding mobile phone, but for consumers, more is still looking forward to the big factory’s products. Judging from the current exposure, Huawei and Samsung are expected to launch their own folding equipment in 2019. Recently, foreign media exposed the patents that are suspected to be Apple’s folding mobile phones. Let’s take a look at the specific information.

Earlier, Apple had exposed screen coating technology related to the folding concept, but it was not an important aspect of folding equipment. The patented plan of the foreign media exposure shows Apple’s folding scheme. From the picture, Apple’s folding screen mobile phone adopts the scheme of folding from the middle of the fuselage, which is related to the recently exposed Moto RAZR folding mobile phone solution. it’s the same.

This folding scheme does not increase the display area of ​​the mobile phone, and is also the size of a normal mobile phone in the fully expanded state. It is only to reduce the space occupied by mobile phones, convenient to carry and carry, other specific performance is not much different from ordinary mobile phones.

At the same time, another folding iPhone was also exposed. This folding screen device is a large-screen mobile phone for folding, specifically folding inward, like flipping a book.

It is currently expected that Apple will not introduce folding screen devices in the short term, and the rendering of the exposure is still in the concept. The netizen laughed and said: “Maybe five years later, Apple’s foldable mobile phone will appear”, but Apple’s foldable equipment is still worth looking forward to, we will wait and see.


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