iPhone cheap version of the new machine bright sword: 4650mAh + graphene + A12 chip price is very sincere

Although Apple’s mobile phone suffered a stock price crash, sales decline and multiple lawsuits in the past year, Apple’s share price has not only rebounded during the Spring Festival this year, even Apple’s mobile phone sales have increased by nearly 80%, in the final analysis, Apple’s mobile phone price reduction strategy . However, regarding the price reduction strategy of Apple’s mobile phones, some insiders believe that frequent price adjustments have caused great damage to the mobile phone brand for Apple itself. Especially in the Chinese market, Huawei and Xiaomi are both high-cost mobile phone brands. Recently, foreign media brought new machine pictures about the new iPhone. Now, we will bring you a cheap new version of the machine. How about the iPhone?

iPhone SE is the cheapest mobile phone among Apple’s many mobile phones. It is understood that the release of Apple’s new machine will bring users a subversive change, canceling the button design and the upper and lower wide frame design. Will go to the era of full screen. Apple’s new machine uses a micro-Liu Hai screen design, retaining a very narrow bottom frame design. The screen size of the new machine is 5.7 inches, and the display uses a touch-sensitive OLED display. It has been reported that Apple phones will no longer use LCD panels. In addition, the aspect ratio of the new machine screen is 19.5:9, and the resolution of the pixel of the mobile phone screen reaches QHD. The specific parameters are 2880X1440.

Many of the features of the new iPhone are mounted in the bangs, and the front lens uses a single lens design. The components in Liu Hai are: camera, earpiece, and infrared sensor components. The front lens of Apple’s new machine is equipped with a coms sensor, and the front lens of the machine uses the original deep-sensing lens, with 8 million effective pixels. It is equipped with 10 times HDR shooting technology. The coms sensor can assist HDR to improve the camera technology. Capture more image details, support night scene shooting, improve the light and dark contrast of the photo, self-timer effect is very strong, the imaging effect is good but natural.

The iPhone’s new camera is really small in the lens design. The rear lens design is equipped with an oversized lens design. The right side of the lens is equipped with a two-color dual-temperature LED flash unit and a sensor component – Sony IMX586. Sensor. The effective lens of the rear lens is 16 million (F/1.6), which supports HDR shooting technology. Apple’s new machine supports 6X times optical zoom technology, supports OIS optical image stabilization technology and EIS electronic image stabilization technology. Apple’s new machine is capable of capturing highly dynamic character details, intelligent fill light, and the imagery has a strong layering, and the photographs support multiple magnifications are still clear.

The iPhone’s face recognition technology does bring unprecedented experience to users. The 3D structured light technology developed by the iPhone is the 3D camera equipped with a depth sensor inside the mobile phone to obtain the details and depth information of the character. A three-dimensional model can be built according to 3D sensing, and subsequent intelligent interaction can be realized. Unlocking technology and security performance are not comparable to the general 2D plane unlocking technology. This time canceled the button design, but did not carry fingerprint recognition technology, but the security performance of face recognition technology is indeed very high, and the increase in fingerprint recognition is undoubtedly a superfluous addition.

Apple’s overall mobile phone design is still inferior in design and workmanship. Apple’s new body design is still in solid color design, very simple and stylish. The design of the new machine body is also thinner. The biggest highlight of Apple’s mobile phone design is simplicity and exquisiteness. The new machine body uses the fifth generation of Cornish gorilla glass material, with aluminum alloy metal frame, both fashion sense and experience. In addition, Apple’s new machine is equipped with a 4650Amh graphene battery. Support wireless charging technology, super fast charging technology, although it is the cheapest Apple mobile phone, but the details of the function water is really strong.

Apple’s self-developed chips are indeed very powerful, but this year there is news that Apple will not release 5G mobile phones, and 5G mobile phones are under development. It is expected that we will see the launch of Apple 5G mobile phones in 2020. The friends who have used IPHONE X should have experienced the super experience brought by the A12 bionic chip! As a cheap Apple phone, the chip is indeed different, this new machine is equipped with A12 bionic chip, but the chip’s running speed and function is very strong. Can match many flagship chips. Apple’s new machine runs from 3GB, supports up to 4GB, and has a minimum storage capacity of 16GB and a maximum of 128GB. This new machine is the new machine with a good price, so the price is similar to that of the previous generation of new machines. At around 3000, the price is very sincere.

iPhone cheap version of the new machine Liangjian, this new machine with 4650mAh + graphene + A12 chip parameters listed, then the price is very sincere. I believe that everyone is very satisfied with this new Apple machine, the price of this phone is naturally not high, but compared with domestic mobile phones, more than $599 can still buy a medium and high-end mobile phone, the price of this phone is not I know what it will be, so the future market space of this mobile phone may not be very big. I don’t know what your opinion is.


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