Huawei vivo collective view: 100% full screen + 76 million + 6000mAh sincerity

One plus mobile phone’s share in overseas markets has grown very fast in recent years. It is said that one plus mobile phone won the three-quarter champion of India’s high-end mobile phone market last year. One Plus is a mobile phone brand that specializes in high-end mobile phones. At the end of last year, it reached a 5G cooperation planning agreement with US operator T-Mobile. In addition, the company announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with the British operator EE, and will release the first one plus 5G mobile phone in Europe, and the good reputation of one plus mobile phone is like this. One plus mobile phone’s insight into customer needs is very strong, and will therefore be resolved to achieve a more intimate relationship with users.

I have to say that the value of a mobile phone is still very high. With no opening design or water droplets and bangs design, the new full-screen mobile phone design is really amazing. From the perspective of the exposed mobile phone parameters, the screen size of this one-plus mobile phone is 6 inches, and most of the display screens use Samsung’s display AMOLED screen. One plus mobile phone aspect ratio is 19:9 ratio, the color value of this phone is 16 million, and the pixel resolution of the mobile phone screen has been as high as 4K, specifically 2160X3840 pixels, the screen ratio design of this one plus mobile phone Almost 100% of the screen ratio, and the mobile phone screen package uses cop packaging technology.

This one plus new machine is equipped with a full screen design, and there are naturally no visible functional components on the screen. For example, a new machine does not have a visible earpiece design. In fact, the new machine uses a screen sounding technology and is a full-screen sounding technology. However, many people are worried that they don’t know if the whole screen can be heard by everyone. This is something you don’t have to worry about. This is audible as the handset mode. The front lens of the new machine adopts a mechanical pop-up design and is a front dual-lens lens design. The front lens effective pixels are designed for 20 million + 8 million pixels. This one plus mobile phone is naturally equipped with face recognition technology in the front lens.

In fact, the front lens design is still very good. On the basis of this, the rear lens adds a lens design and adopts a rear three-shot lens design. The two large lenses are equipped with a dual LED flash. The rear lens is equipped with a 41 million ultra clear master, 23 million sub-camera, and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens. It can be equipped with a variable aperture with a total pixel count of 7600. CMOS. With 10 times HDR camera technology, it can not only support multiple camera modes but also intelligently recognize scenes, support OIS optical image stabilization technology and PD dual zoom technology. Also 4K video recording.

One plus mobile phone to pursue fashion representatives, for example, one plus mobile phone has always been willing to invest in the unlocking technology. This year, the new machine may be unlocked on the screen, and everyone will generally see the screen fingerprint recognition technology and face recognition technology. In fact, the fingerprint recognition technology under the screen is very mature at present, and users are more inclined to screen fingerprints. A new machine is undoubtedly equipped with such an unlocking method. In addition, a new machine is equipped with a face recognition sensor inside the mobile phone. In fact, face recognition is more complicated than fingerprint recognition. It has a variety of modules, and the security of unlocking is higher.

Huawei vivo looks at the collective, this new machine looks like Huawei and vivo, and the new machine is very thin, only 7.6mm body design, very stylish and beautiful. Another new machine, the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla glass material, smooth and delicate glass body with metal frame design. This time, the one-plus mobile phone is equipped with a large-capacity battery design, specifically 6000Amh. The phone’s battery life is really long. One plus new machine supports flash charging technology and wireless charging technology, and it can reach the state of full power in a short time, and there is no need to worry about the power problem when traveling.

In fact, although the one plus mobile phone is the flagship machine, but the retail price of mobile phones is only about 3,000 yuan, one plus mobile phone in the core configuration and memory design is often more generous than the world’s top three mobile phones. This is the overwhelming advantage of one plus mobile phone. It is understood that a new machine will use the Qualcomm Xiaolong 855 processor, support for external 5G baseband, can achieve 5G network. This should also be the first 5G mobile phone. It is reported that the running memory of a new machine starts from 8GB. 10GB of running memory is the highest. With 8GB/128GB; 10GB/256GB two storage space specifications, the speed of a new machine is absolutely killing many flagship machines, the machine’s face value and performance is full of sincerity.

Huawei vivo collective view, this new machine 100% full screen +  76 million + 6000mAh parameters listed, then as a domestic new machine sincerity. This mobile phone has also brought us a lot of surprises. I believe that one plus will always focus on making products more expensive. As a company with arduous strength and creativity, we can survive in the highly competitive smartphone market for a long time!


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