Huawei’s first batch of 5G mobile phone sword: 88 million + graphene + liquid cooling cost-effective full of sincerity

Huawei’s mobile phone shipments are increasing. On the one hand, it is a lot of technology research and development, on the other hand, it has to deal with the pressure from all over the world. To some extent, Huawei’s progress is undoubtedly huge. We know that we will go to the World Mobile Communications Conference in a few days, and wait for the ace of our own at the conference.

According to the mobile phone data map exposed by foreign media, Huawei’s new machine is very fashionable and domineering. Although it adopts the familiar drilling screen design, it superimposes the drilling screen and the curved screen design. The screen size of the new machine is 6.5 inches, and the mobile phone display uses the OLED HD retina screen. We can only see the renderings. The border of Huawei’s new machine seems to have achieved the ultimate. The wide chin, which has been controversial before, is indeed gone. The screen resolution of the phone is up to 4K, and the resolution pixel is 2160X3840. In addition, the aspect ratio of the mobile phone is 19.5:9, and the overall mobile phone is very slender and beautiful.

Huawei’s new machine is the flagship trump card. The design of the exposure is based on the drilling screen design. The front is equipped with only one camera. From the mobile phone data map, this new Huawei machine does not retain the speaker components, but uses the under-screen sound technology, but its special is that this phone is a full-screen sound technology. Huawei’s new front lens is a 32-inch 3D deep-sensing lens with an aperture of f/1.7. The most prominent advantage of Huawei’s mobile phone lens is its exclusive custom-made Sony IMX607 sensor, equipped with HDR high-dynamic camera technology, the self-timer effect is absolutely super.

Huawei’s new camera is equipped with four lens designs, and the rear lens is arranged vertically in the upper left corner of the rear screen of the mobile phone. A distance sensor and a light sensor are mounted on the right side of the lens. A two-color, dual-temperature flash unit is mounted beneath the sensor. Four lens camera pixel design: 48 million + 20 million + 12 million + 8 million = 88 million Leica lens, Huawei’s Leica lens equipped with AI smart technology, camera technology is absolutely a must. In addition, Sony’s flagship sensor is also equipped in the rear lens. The image capture and light and darkness are very strong. The image processing is very good after photo processing.

Huawei’s new machine is on the rise. The design of this new machine basically adopts the current popular design method. For example, fingerprint recognition is unlocked. Huawei’s new machine adopts the screen fingerprint recognition technology, and Huawei’s new machine will fingerprint. The recognition module is placed almost entirely on the screen of the mobile phone, also known as full screen blind solution. It is very convenient to use, and the sense of experience is also soaring. Secondly, Huawei’s new machine is equipped with face recognition technology in the front lens. It uses 3D lens to recognize face features, combined with its functional AI algorithm, to give feedback and quick unlock. This is definitely a super experience. New smartphone.

Huawei’s new machine adopts a hyperboloid design, which has a rounded sense of line, which is very good both in terms of visual and hand experience. In addition, the United States Corning Gorilla sixth-generation glass material used in Huawei’s mobile phone has a good feel and safety. Huawei’s new machine has a built-in 5000 mAh large capacity large battery, which is a graphene battery, which supports liquid cooling, with 40W super fast charging and wireless charging technology. Not only is the endurance ability superior, but the charging speed is absolutely first-class. According to the current design, it is one of the standard designs of the flagship mobile phone.

Huawei’s first batch of 5G mobile phone swords, the core configuration of Huawei mobile phones will naturally be unwilling to be followed, Huawei’s new machine will be equipped with HiSilicon – Kirin 980, it is understood that Kirin 980 will be equipped with the latest 5G chip developed by Huawei (Balong 5000), Barron chips can support a variety of network modes, and the operating rate is super. Huawei’s new machine’s running memory is: 8GB/10GB, storage memory has 128GB/256GB/512GB three, 10GB with 1024GB matching, is definitely the strongest smartphone of the year. The starting price of this new machine is similar to that of the previous generation of new machines. The price and sincerity are full. I believe everyone will be very looking forward to this Huawei mobile phone.

Huawei 5G mobile phone began to shine, this Huawei new machine with 88 million + graphene + liquid cooling parameters listed, then as a good value for money. In fact, Huawei mobile phones will soon meet with you. Huawei’s new machine release is highly anticipated and highly anticipated. I believe that it will be loved and supported by many users. I don’t know what opinions and suggestions you have for such a mobile phone. Will you support this new Huawei machine?


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