Huawei’s first batch of 5G mobile phone sword: 88 million + graphene + liquid cooling cost-effective full of sincerity

Huawei’s mobile phone shipments are increasing. On the one hand, it is a lot of technology research and development, on the other hand, it has to deal with the pressure from all over the world. To some extent, Huawei’s progress is undoubtedly huge. We know that we will go to the World Mobile Communications Conference in a few days, and wait for the ace of our own at the conference.

According to the mobile phone data map exposed by foreign media, Huawei’s new machine is very fashionable and domineering. Although it adopts the familiar drilling screen design, it superimposes the drilling screen and the curved screen design. The screen size of the new machine is 6.5 inches, and the mobile phone display uses the OLED HD retina screen. We can only see the renderings. The border of Huawei’s new machine seems to have achieved the ultimate. The wide chin, which has been controversial before, is indeed gone. The screen resolution of the phone is up to 4K, and the resolution pixel is 2160X3840. In addition, the aspect ratio of the mobile phone is 19.5:9, and the overall mobile phone is very slender and beautiful.

Huawei’s new machine is the flagship trump card. The design of the exposure is based on the drilling screen design. The front is equipped with only one camera. From the mobile phone data map, this new Huawei machine does not retain the speaker components, but uses the under-screen sound technology, but its special is that this phone is a full-screen sound technology. Huawei’s new front lens is a 32-inch 3D deep-sensing lens with an aperture of f/1.7. The most prominent advantage of Huawei’s mobile phone lens is its exclusive custom-made Sony IMX607 sensor, equipped with HDR high-dynamic camera technology, the self-timer effect is absolutely super.

Huawei’s new camera is equipped with four lens designs, and the rear lens is arranged vertically in the upper left corner of the rear screen of the mobile phone. A distance sensor and a light sensor are mounted on the right side of the lens. A two-color, dual-temperature flash unit is mounted beneath the sensor. Four lens camera pixel design: 48 million + 20 million + 12 million + 8 million = 88 million Leica lens, Huawei’s Leica lens equipped with AI smart technology, camera technology is absolutely a must. In addition, Sony’s flagship sensor is also equipped in the rear lens. The image capture and light and darkness are very strong. The image processing is very good after photo processing.

Huawei’s new machine is on the rise. The design of this new machine basically adopts the current popular design method. For example, fingerprint recognition is unlocked. Huawei’s new machine adopts the screen fingerprint recognition technology, and Huawei’s new machine will fingerprint. The recognition module is placed almost entirely on the screen of the mobile phone, also known as full screen blind solution. It is very convenient to use, and the sense of experience is also soaring. Secondly, Huawei’s new machine is equipped with face recognition technology in the front lens. It uses 3D lens to recognize face features, combined with its functional AI algorithm, to give feedback and quick unlock. This is definitely a super experience. New smartphone.

Huawei’s new machine adopts a hyperboloid design, which has a rounded sense of line, which is very good both in terms of visual and hand experience. In addition, the United States Corning Gorilla sixth-generation glass material used in Huawei’s mobile phone has a good feel and safety. Huawei’s new machine has a built-in 5000 mAh large capacity large battery, which is a graphene battery, which supports liquid cooling, with 40W super fast charging and wireless charging technology. Not only is the endurance ability superior, but the charging speed is absolutely first-class. According to the current design, it is one of the standard designs of the flagship mobile phone.

Huawei’s first batch of 5G mobile phone swords, the core configuration of Huawei mobile phones will naturally be unwilling to be followed, Huawei’s new machine will be equipped with HiSilicon – Kirin 980, it is understood that Kirin 980 will be equipped with the latest 5G chip developed by Huawei (Balong 5000), Barron chips can support a variety of network modes, and the operating rate is super. Huawei’s new machine’s running memory is: 8GB/10GB, storage memory has 128GB/256GB/512GB three, 10GB with 1024GB matching, is definitely the strongest smartphone of the year. The starting price of this new machine is similar to that of the previous generation of new machines. The price and sincerity are full. I believe everyone will be very looking forward to this Huawei mobile phone.

Huawei 5G mobile phone began to shine, this Huawei new machine with 88 million + graphene + liquid cooling parameters listed, then as a good value for money. In fact, Huawei mobile phones will soon meet with you. Huawei’s new machine release is highly anticipated and highly anticipated. I believe that it will be loved and supported by many users. I don’t know what opinions and suggestions you have for such a mobile phone. Will you support this new Huawei machine?


Huawei vivo collective view: 100% full screen + 76 million + 6000mAh sincerity

One plus mobile phone’s share in overseas markets has grown very fast in recent years. It is said that one plus mobile phone won the three-quarter champion of India’s high-end mobile phone market last year. One Plus is a mobile phone brand that specializes in high-end mobile phones. At the end of last year, it reached a 5G cooperation planning agreement with US operator T-Mobile. In addition, the company announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with the British operator EE, and will release the first one plus 5G mobile phone in Europe, and the good reputation of one plus mobile phone is like this. One plus mobile phone’s insight into customer needs is very strong, and will therefore be resolved to achieve a more intimate relationship with users.

I have to say that the value of a mobile phone is still very high. With no opening design or water droplets and bangs design, the new full-screen mobile phone design is really amazing. From the perspective of the exposed mobile phone parameters, the screen size of this one-plus mobile phone is 6 inches, and most of the display screens use Samsung’s display AMOLED screen. One plus mobile phone aspect ratio is 19:9 ratio, the color value of this phone is 16 million, and the pixel resolution of the mobile phone screen has been as high as 4K, specifically 2160X3840 pixels, the screen ratio design of this one plus mobile phone Almost 100% of the screen ratio, and the mobile phone screen package uses cop packaging technology.

This one plus new machine is equipped with a full screen design, and there are naturally no visible functional components on the screen. For example, a new machine does not have a visible earpiece design. In fact, the new machine uses a screen sounding technology and is a full-screen sounding technology. However, many people are worried that they don’t know if the whole screen can be heard by everyone. This is something you don’t have to worry about. This is audible as the handset mode. The front lens of the new machine adopts a mechanical pop-up design and is a front dual-lens lens design. The front lens effective pixels are designed for 20 million + 8 million pixels. This one plus mobile phone is naturally equipped with face recognition technology in the front lens.

In fact, the front lens design is still very good. On the basis of this, the rear lens adds a lens design and adopts a rear three-shot lens design. The two large lenses are equipped with a dual LED flash. The rear lens is equipped with a 41 million ultra clear master, 23 million sub-camera, and a 12 megapixel telephoto lens. It can be equipped with a variable aperture with a total pixel count of 7600. CMOS. With 10 times HDR camera technology, it can not only support multiple camera modes but also intelligently recognize scenes, support OIS optical image stabilization technology and PD dual zoom technology. Also 4K video recording.

One plus mobile phone to pursue fashion representatives, for example, one plus mobile phone has always been willing to invest in the unlocking technology. This year, the new machine may be unlocked on the screen, and everyone will generally see the screen fingerprint recognition technology and face recognition technology. In fact, the fingerprint recognition technology under the screen is very mature at present, and users are more inclined to screen fingerprints. A new machine is undoubtedly equipped with such an unlocking method. In addition, a new machine is equipped with a face recognition sensor inside the mobile phone. In fact, face recognition is more complicated than fingerprint recognition. It has a variety of modules, and the security of unlocking is higher.

Huawei vivo looks at the collective, this new machine looks like Huawei and vivo, and the new machine is very thin, only 7.6mm body design, very stylish and beautiful. Another new machine, the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla glass material, smooth and delicate glass body with metal frame design. This time, the one-plus mobile phone is equipped with a large-capacity battery design, specifically 6000Amh. The phone’s battery life is really long. One plus new machine supports flash charging technology and wireless charging technology, and it can reach the state of full power in a short time, and there is no need to worry about the power problem when traveling.

In fact, although the one plus mobile phone is the flagship machine, but the retail price of mobile phones is only about 3,000 yuan, one plus mobile phone in the core configuration and memory design is often more generous than the world’s top three mobile phones. This is the overwhelming advantage of one plus mobile phone. It is understood that a new machine will use the Qualcomm Xiaolong 855 processor, support for external 5G baseband, can achieve 5G network. This should also be the first 5G mobile phone. It is reported that the running memory of a new machine starts from 8GB. 10GB of running memory is the highest. With 8GB/128GB; 10GB/256GB two storage space specifications, the speed of a new machine is absolutely killing many flagship machines, the machine’s face value and performance is full of sincerity.

Huawei vivo collective view, this new machine 100% full screen +  76 million + 6000mAh parameters listed, then as a domestic new machine sincerity. This mobile phone has also brought us a lot of surprises. I believe that one plus will always focus on making products more expensive. As a company with arduous strength and creativity, we can survive in the highly competitive smartphone market for a long time!


iPhone cheap version of the new machine bright sword: 4650mAh + graphene + A12 chip price is very sincere

Although Apple’s mobile phone suffered a stock price crash, sales decline and multiple lawsuits in the past year, Apple’s share price has not only rebounded during the Spring Festival this year, even Apple’s mobile phone sales have increased by nearly 80%, in the final analysis, Apple’s mobile phone price reduction strategy . However, regarding the price reduction strategy of Apple’s mobile phones, some insiders believe that frequent price adjustments have caused great damage to the mobile phone brand for Apple itself. Especially in the Chinese market, Huawei and Xiaomi are both high-cost mobile phone brands. Recently, foreign media brought new machine pictures about the new iPhone. Now, we will bring you a cheap new version of the machine. How about the iPhone?

iPhone SE is the cheapest mobile phone among Apple’s many mobile phones. It is understood that the release of Apple’s new machine will bring users a subversive change, canceling the button design and the upper and lower wide frame design. Will go to the era of full screen. Apple’s new machine uses a micro-Liu Hai screen design, retaining a very narrow bottom frame design. The screen size of the new machine is 5.7 inches, and the display uses a touch-sensitive OLED display. It has been reported that Apple phones will no longer use LCD panels. In addition, the aspect ratio of the new machine screen is 19.5:9, and the resolution of the pixel of the mobile phone screen reaches QHD. The specific parameters are 2880X1440.

Many of the features of the new iPhone are mounted in the bangs, and the front lens uses a single lens design. The components in Liu Hai are: camera, earpiece, and infrared sensor components. The front lens of Apple’s new machine is equipped with a coms sensor, and the front lens of the machine uses the original deep-sensing lens, with 8 million effective pixels. It is equipped with 10 times HDR shooting technology. The coms sensor can assist HDR to improve the camera technology. Capture more image details, support night scene shooting, improve the light and dark contrast of the photo, self-timer effect is very strong, the imaging effect is good but natural.

The iPhone’s new camera is really small in the lens design. The rear lens design is equipped with an oversized lens design. The right side of the lens is equipped with a two-color dual-temperature LED flash unit and a sensor component – Sony IMX586. Sensor. The effective lens of the rear lens is 16 million (F/1.6), which supports HDR shooting technology. Apple’s new machine supports 6X times optical zoom technology, supports OIS optical image stabilization technology and EIS electronic image stabilization technology. Apple’s new machine is capable of capturing highly dynamic character details, intelligent fill light, and the imagery has a strong layering, and the photographs support multiple magnifications are still clear.

The iPhone’s face recognition technology does bring unprecedented experience to users. The 3D structured light technology developed by the iPhone is the 3D camera equipped with a depth sensor inside the mobile phone to obtain the details and depth information of the character. A three-dimensional model can be built according to 3D sensing, and subsequent intelligent interaction can be realized. Unlocking technology and security performance are not comparable to the general 2D plane unlocking technology. This time canceled the button design, but did not carry fingerprint recognition technology, but the security performance of face recognition technology is indeed very high, and the increase in fingerprint recognition is undoubtedly a superfluous addition.

Apple’s overall mobile phone design is still inferior in design and workmanship. Apple’s new body design is still in solid color design, very simple and stylish. The design of the new machine body is also thinner. The biggest highlight of Apple’s mobile phone design is simplicity and exquisiteness. The new machine body uses the fifth generation of Cornish gorilla glass material, with aluminum alloy metal frame, both fashion sense and experience. In addition, Apple’s new machine is equipped with a 4650Amh graphene battery. Support wireless charging technology, super fast charging technology, although it is the cheapest Apple mobile phone, but the details of the function water is really strong.

Apple’s self-developed chips are indeed very powerful, but this year there is news that Apple will not release 5G mobile phones, and 5G mobile phones are under development. It is expected that we will see the launch of Apple 5G mobile phones in 2020. The friends who have used IPHONE X should have experienced the super experience brought by the A12 bionic chip! As a cheap Apple phone, the chip is indeed different, this new machine is equipped with A12 bionic chip, but the chip’s running speed and function is very strong. Can match many flagship chips. Apple’s new machine runs from 3GB, supports up to 4GB, and has a minimum storage capacity of 16GB and a maximum of 128GB. This new machine is the new machine with a good price, so the price is similar to that of the previous generation of new machines. At around 3000, the price is very sincere.

iPhone cheap version of the new machine Liangjian, this new machine with 4650mAh + graphene + A12 chip parameters listed, then the price is very sincere. I believe that everyone is very satisfied with this new Apple machine, the price of this phone is naturally not high, but compared with domestic mobile phones, more than $599 can still buy a medium and high-end mobile phone, the price of this phone is not I know what it will be, so the future market space of this mobile phone may not be very big. I don’t know what your opinion is.


Apple’s new patent exposure foldable iPhone is coming?

In the past 2018, major mobile phone manufacturers have played a comprehensive screen, and “real full screen” has become the key word in the mobile phone industry in 2018. In the 2019 that has already arrived, the “folding screen” will become one of the new keywords. The concept of distance folding has been proposed for a long time, but it has not been realized due to technical problems.

At the end of the 18th year, Rouyu Technology’s soft-selling mobile phone unexpectedly became the world’s first folding mobile phone, but for consumers, more is still looking forward to the big factory’s products. Judging from the current exposure, Huawei and Samsung are expected to launch their own folding equipment in 2019. Recently, foreign media exposed the patents that are suspected to be Apple’s folding mobile phones. Let’s take a look at the specific information.

Earlier, Apple had exposed screen coating technology related to the folding concept, but it was not an important aspect of folding equipment. The patented plan of the foreign media exposure shows Apple’s folding scheme. From the picture, Apple’s folding screen mobile phone adopts the scheme of folding from the middle of the fuselage, which is related to the recently exposed Moto RAZR folding mobile phone solution. it’s the same.

This folding scheme does not increase the display area of ​​the mobile phone, and is also the size of a normal mobile phone in the fully expanded state. It is only to reduce the space occupied by mobile phones, convenient to carry and carry, other specific performance is not much different from ordinary mobile phones.

At the same time, another folding iPhone was also exposed. This folding screen device is a large-screen mobile phone for folding, specifically folding inward, like flipping a book.

It is currently expected that Apple will not introduce folding screen devices in the short term, and the rendering of the exposure is still in the concept. The netizen laughed and said: “Maybe five years later, Apple’s foldable mobile phone will appear”, but Apple’s foldable equipment is still worth looking forward to, we will wait and see.


Huawei leads the 5G trend: 68 million + Kirin 990 + liquid cooling + 1024 GB domestic black horse confidence

Speaking of Huawei mobile phones, I believe that it is now a well-known star brand. People are not as ugly and a bit cumbersome as Huawei’s mobile phones. Now Huawei’s products can be said to be the benchmark of the domestic mobile phone industry. In terms of design, it can always surprise consumers. It is very fashionable and beautiful. It is not in the performance configuration. It is equipped with its own processor. It is almost invincible, especially the Mate and P20 series new machines released last year have made the consumers feel refreshed, and Huawei has achieved good results with these new machines. Recently, foreign media exposed a part of Huawei. The new flagship machine, what surprises this new machine.

The strength of Huawei’s new machine is still there. Let’s look at the front design of this new machine. To tell the truth, Xiaobian is a little surprised and scared. How do you say it? The machine retains the upper and lower borders. From the exposure map, this new Huawei machine uses the outdated Liu Haiping design, and also features a narrow upper and lower frame and a narrow left and right frame. The machine screen adopts super AMOLED high-definition magic screen design and adopts COP packaging process. The screen size is 6.3 inches, the aspect ratio is 19:9, and the color value of the screen reaches 16 million pixels, and the screen of this new machine adopts the resolution of QHD pixels with a resolution of 3840*2380.

From the pictures exposed by foreign media, this new Huawei machine screen uses Liu Haiping design, then the front camera is definitely an obvious match in the bangs, and will not use the hidden design, this new machine’s front lens with The front single camera design, the single camera is located on the left side of the bangs on the screen, and the right side of the camera is matched with a row of speaker components, indicating that the machine uses on-screen sound technology. The new camera has a front lens of 8 million pixels and is equipped with f/2.0 aperture, and is equipped with AI beauty technology, HDR dynamic shooting technology, and also supports AI intelligent scene switching and auto-filling.

The rear camera of this new Huawei machine is very distinctive, continuing the previous matrix design. From the exposure map, the rear lens of the machine is equipped with a rear three-camera design. The rear three cameras and a large LED flash are arranged in a matrix shape in the middle of the back of the fuselage. The three cameras are respectively 40 million. Pixel’s main lens, 20 megapixel sub-lens, 8 megapixel wide-angle lens, 68 million Leica pixel lens apertures are f/1.8, f/1.6, f/2.4, and also equipped with PDAF phase focusing technology, equipped OIS optical image stabilization technology also supports 8X optical zoom technology.

Huawei’s new machine is making a big move, and then look at the unlocking method of this new Huawei machine. From the exposure map, the back of the fuselage of the aircraft is equipped with a fingerprint unlocking area, so this new machine is obviously matched with the rear fingerprint unlocking method. It must be said that the unlocking method of this new machine is a bit low, since After canceling the physical button, most brand mobile phones will not carry the unlock button on the body in order to increase the screen ratio more effectively, and the corresponding ones use the screen fingerprint recognition technology, but this new machine is a bit “reverse”. This new Huawei machine is also equipped with a very advanced 3D structured light face recognition technology to unlock.

At present, there are many materials used in the mobile phone market, such as metal, titanium alloy, ceramics, glass, but the most common glass material, because the glass used in mobile phones is mostly the sixth generation glass of Corning Gorilla. This kind of glass heat dissipation (liquid cooling) is very good, and it is particularly resistant to falling and scratching. Therefore, it is also used by many middle and high-end brands. This new Huawei machine is also made of this glass material, and it is also matched with a metal frame. With a 3.5mm headphone jack, the unit supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof. This new machine also has a 5500 mAh large battery and is equipped with wireless charging technology and 40W fast charging technology.

Huawei’s new 5G development is very fast, but when it comes to core configuration, Huawei is known as one of the few mobile phone brands with its own processors, and Huawei’s Kirin processor is very famous in the industry. Huawei’s mobile phone basics Both are equipped with their own Kirin processor. This new machine is no exception. From the exposure data, this new machine is equipped with the Kirin 990 processor, equipped with Android 9.0 system, 5G network is a must, and this new machine is The memory is equipped with 6GB/8GB of running memory, with 128GB/256GB/512GB of storage memory, and an external 1024GB space to match, as the domestic black horse is full of confidence.

Huawei leads the 5G trend, and also said that the domestic black horse is full of confidence. Huawei has displayed many high-end black technologies to the world in the past two years. It has also brought us many amazing products, which are loved by people at home and abroad, but to be honest, today In addition to the configuration of this new Huawei machine is very strong, the design does have some small shortcomings, as well as the rear fingerprint unlock is also a small shortcoming, what do you think? Do you like this new machine?


What is the difference between the IP rating of the waterproof phone and the waterproof rating of the iPhone and Samsung?

I don’t know if most of my friends have used mobile phones with waterproof function. If you have encountered a situation where your mobile phone has been accidentally dropped into the water, the whole mobile phone has fallen into the water and then scrapped from it, or you feel that you are quite awkward and have If necessary, you can consider the waterproof function as one of the necessary purchase conditions when choosing a mobile phone in the future. It is understood that the principle of waterproof mobile phones is generally achieved by using a special waterproof case, or by using a closed workmanship. The degree of waterproofing can range from the prevention of rainwater to the use of underwater waters of up to 30 meters. So what level of waterproof mobile phone can be found on the market? Let’s take a look at the waterproof evaluation of the iPhone and Samsung’s three mobile phones.

The iPhone 8 was released as early as September 2017. It is understood that the iPhone 8 has IP67 waterproof performance, which means that the phone can theoretically withstand a distance of 0.15 to 1 meter in water depth and keep it for 30 minutes. However, the friends should pay attention, try not to soak the phone in the water for a long time. Xiaobian learned that there was a foreign evaluation team dedicated to testing the waterproofness of the iPhone8. They put the phone in the bucket of water for more than 20 minutes. As a result, the phone entered the water and appeared to restart. . It is said that the evaluation team later took the phone to find the iPhone for warranty, but Apple refused because they deliberately soaked water.

Netizens have different opinions on this matter. Some netizens think that they should not deliberately take their mobile phones to soak in water, but some think that Apple should give a warranty because the mobile phone is in the IP67 range. What do you think of your friends?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released in February 2018. It is said to have IP68 waterproof performance, which is the highest waterproof level in the world. In theory, this level of mobile phone can withstand a distance of 1.5 to 30 meters in water depth and last for 30 minutes.

The iPhone X was released in September 2017 and has an IP67 rating. Xiaobian learned that the test team took the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X to do the waterproof test. They put the two phones in a container with a water depth of 2 meters. In about 9 minutes, the Samsung Galaxy S9 showed a black screen. In the case, this indicates that the phone has entered the water. The iPhone X also had a black screen in about 20 minutes. Although the two mobile phones can be used normally after entering the water, it is said that the sound quality of the two mobile phones has deteriorated before. It seems that most of the functions of the mobile phone after entering the water can still be used normally, but it will affect the components of the mobile phone more or less. It seems that even the world’s highest level of IP68 waterproof mobile phone, can not escape this fate.

iPhone ready to go: A12 chip + titanium alloy + 5200mAh + missed 5G cost comparable to Samsung

Recently, Apple’s stock price rises believe that everyone has already understood. Many people say that Apple’s stock price rebound is mainly due to Apple’s price reduction strategy. However, some people think that price reduction is a necessary strategy for the iPhone company. This is the way that Apple must go, and it is a prerequisite for the future growth of Apple’s service business.

This is our long-awaited iPhone9, which completely broke the impression of Apple phones. You should remember that the previous iPhone 8 still retains the design of the wide forehead. The new iPhone9 adopts a comprehensive screen design method, which greatly increases the proportion of iPhone screens. Apple’s new machine adopts zero border and no border design, without left and right borders and upper and lower border design. Apple’s new size is 5.2 inches, the display uses a 3D OLED ultra-clear retina screen, the mobile phone screen uses COP packaging technology, the mobile phone screen accounts for up to 98%, and the mobile phone screen aspect ratio is 19.5:9. The pixel resolution of the phone screen is 2880×1440.

Apple’s new machine has finally made a big move in design. It is reported that the iPhone9 only opens the hole in the middle of the top of the screen of the mobile phone. This is the first time that the Apple mobile phone adopts the drilling screen design. In addition, the top of this phone is not equipped with a handset design, it is known to use the under-screen sound technology. The front lens is a 3D deep-sensing lens with a front-facing single-lens pixel of 12 million original deep-sensing cameras with an aperture of f/1.7. The front lens is equipped with Sony’s flagship sensor, and is equipped with AI technology and HDR technology, which can help improve the shooting effect of the mobile phone. This new camera self-timer technology is very strong and worth looking forward to.

Apple’s new machine is equipped with a dual camera in the rear design. The camera is equipped with LED flash components under the camera. The sensor is also equipped with sensors under the flash. This sensor is Sony’s sensor coms. In addition, the pixels of the rear lens of the new machine are: 16 million (F/1.8) + 1600 (F/2.0) megapixel design, the rear lens is equipped with a super wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, supporting 10 times HDR camera technology, 8X Double optical zoom technology, EIS electronic image stabilization technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology. This phone has indeed greatly improved its functional design. It can be said that this phone has indeed had a huge improvement on the basis of the previous generation.

The front lens uses a 3D original deep-sensing lens, which can be equipped with a unique 3D structured light technology. 3D face recognition technology can not only unlock, but also be very convenient in mobile payment. It is said that in the future 3D sensor camera will be combined with the naked eye 3D screen technology, people can use the mobile phone to achieve 3D stereo effect photos. Apple has always used the button fingerprint to unlock, this time it is said that Apple’s new machine will also use the screen fingerprint unlocking technology for the first time, the fingerprint sensor will be built into the phone screen, unlocking is very fast and convenient. Apple has adopted a double unlocking method, which undoubtedly adds a selling point to Apple’s new machine.

In fact, this phone is a hyperboloid full-screen mobile phone, the surface design with OLED screen, making the whole phone more light and thin, the phone is more atmospheric and textured. We know that most of Apple’s mobile phones use a glass body design. This time, the Apple mobile phone is made of titanium alloy. The titanium alloy has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, high strength, and the mobile phone body is very thin. Apple’s new machine is equipped with a 5200 mAh high-density large battery. The new machine supports wireless charging technology and fast charging technology. Not only is the mobile phone’s battery life superior, but the experience is also very good.

The iPhone is ready to go, although there has been news that Apple will not release 5G mobile phones this year, and it is not possible to 5G networks, but it is true that 5G mobile phones are under development. It is said that 5G technology is related to millimeter wave radar technology, but the development of 5G mobile phones is also the earliest. It will be completed next year. But this does not affect the release of Apple’s mobile phone. Apple’s new machine will be equipped with A12 chips, and its operating speed is still very strong. In the phone running memory and storage space with a variety of matching methods. 3GB/4GB of running memory can be freely matched with 64GB, 128GB, 256GB of storage space. The new machine is on the price, everyone knows that the price is similar to that of Samsung, and the price is comparable to Samsung.

The new iPhone is amazing. This new machine comes with A13 chip + titanium alloy + 5200mAh parameters, and the price is comparable to Samsung. 2019 is also very important for Apple, not only in technological innovation, but also in ensuring users and retaining market share. I don’t know if Apple’s new machine will adopt the price strategy, but as a user, of course, I hope that Apple’s mobile phone can lower the price. After all, from the details of design and experience, the reputation of Apple’s mobile phone has always been very good. I don’t know what everyone thinks?


The new iPhone or the long 2019: Netizens reacted fiercely!

As time goes by, there are only less than seven months left in Apple’s fall release. I believe many people have already begun to look forward to the design and configuration hardware of this new iPhone this year. After all, Cook said before that: 2019 will start to adjust the price of its iPhone, and the new iPhone will also be used to price the new machine with reference to the macroeconomic situation. It is conceivable that this year This new iPhone is still very worthy of everyone’s expectations.

As we all know, since the launch of three iPhones in 2018, the market reaction has given Apple a big blow. In the lucrative fourth quarter of 2018 (also when major mobile phone manufacturers got together to release flagship models), Apple failed to do so. During the period of “capture” a large number of consumers, in addition to the overall weakness of the mobile phone market in 2018, the lack of three iPhone products in 2018 is also an important factor leading to its marketing failure.

Therefore, the functional design of the new iPhone in 2019 may be a sharp edge for Apple to “recover lost ground”. After all, iPhone revenue accounts for half of Apple’s overall revenue.

The latest news shows that this year’s three iPhones will abandon the Lightning interface and switch to the USB Type-C interface, but it is not certain that the Lightning lightning interface will remain.

In addition, Apple plans to introduce some new camera features, including the top-end model of the iPhone will be equipped with three rear cameras, while the other two models will be equipped with two rear cameras. The upgraded version of the iPhone XS Max is expected to be equipped with a rear three camera, and an upgraded version of the iPhone XR will have a new dual camera.

The possibility of Apple launching a three-camera iPhone in 2019 continues to increase. It is reported that one of Apple’s component partners expects to focus more on the three-camera business in 2019.

If the iPhone 11 Max launched in September is equipped with a three-camera, this means that the iPhone is eighteen months behind the competition.

It is worth mentioning that 5G mobile phones are currently we are looking forward to, but Apple’s mobile phone has not heard such news, probably because Apple’s mobile phone has not yet mastered such technology, after all, Apple’s recent company is not too big. The energy to study such new technologies, and because the baseband affects the signal, Apple has said that it has begun to study its own baseband, and it has no more energy. Of course, it is also possible that Apple’s mobile phone thinks that it is not a good time for a 5G mobile phone to be released. There must be a lot of immature places in the initial development. In addition, many cities do not support 5G networks, so under such circumstances, Apple’s mobile phone is temporarily There is no 5G trend.

In terms of price, the news said that this year’s three iPhones will maintain the pricing system of last year, which is still 6499-12799 yuan, there may be fluctuations but there will be no major adjustments, and Apple is still full of confidence.

Mingmei unlimited I also think that the iPhone will not easily cut prices, especially the new iPhone, even if it is compromised, it will basically be the same as the price of 2018, so that it will not hurt the price system, and it will not hurt. It will have a big impact on the capital market. The iPhone’s pricing, sales and updates have a big impact on Apple. It’s not just that the product is not sold so easily. Its success or failure is the cornerstone of the market’s confidence in Apple. For the price of this cornerstone, Apple will be cautious.

However, if the next-generation iPhone can enhance the hardware performance, enhance innovation in design, photographing, charging and battery life, make up for the short board, and let users feel the technical strength of Apple, then even if the price maintains the status quo, there will be quite Some consumers are willing to pay the bill.

Coincidentally, in the past two days, Apple has once again had a new move. According to supply chain news, due to the current optimistic sales of iPhone in China, Apple will mainly launch the red version of iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS Max for the Chinese market in order to enhance both. Sales, while the red version of the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS Max will be directly available at the end of February, but the price is still around 10,000 yuan.

In the end, Mingmei is infinite. What I want to say is: Although the reaction of netizens is now “sorrowful,” the new iPhone has not yet been released, and USB-C may have a glimmer of hope. We only continue to pay attention to follow-up news and look forward to the last real opportunity.


iPhoneXI concept new machine: 6 inches + 4500 mAh, 2500 cheaper than iPhone XS Max

From the development of mobile phones in recent years, the appearance of mobile phones is getting better and better, and the functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more diversified, but the price of mobile phones is also rising. Take Apple’s mobile phone, since 2012, Apple’s mobile phone has occupied a place in the domestic market. At that time, an iPhone4 sold for more than 5,000, and it still has no price. From the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6, the price seems to have dropped a bit, but after the release of the iPhoneX in 2017, the price of the iPhone has increased dramatically, and the iPhone XS Max has reached the price of 2999. Although the price of Apple’s mobile phone is soaring, consumers are still unable to withstand the temptation of the iPhone.

It is undeniable that the work of the iPhone is still at the top of the world. With the rapid rise of domestic mobile phones, the advantages of the iPhone are getting smaller and smaller. The main reason is that the iPhone can be too small. Compared with the monthly launch of domestic mobile phones, the market is full of various price phones and iPhones. I released a mobile phone in just one year. As the leader in the mobile phone industry, Apple is now not to be outdone. According to the foreign media onleaks report, iPhone 2019 may have two conferences, one in March and one in September, and also gave renderings and parameters of the new iPhoneXI.

According to the renderings given by foreign media and the parameters of the new iPhoneXI, the iPhoneXI positioning is also a high-end mobile phone, but the most important thing is to solve some old problems left by the iPhone. And the appearance of this new iPhone is also a big change, from the picture it seems to return to the meaning of Jobs design. The new iPhone XI uses a 6-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340×1080p. Unlike the previous one, the IX line of this iPhoneXI is very tough. Whether it is from the screen or the border, it has the shadow of iPhone4.

In terms of camera, this iPhone uses a front-mounted dual-camera design with 12 million and 8 million pixels in front of the camera. It is worth mentioning that this iPhone has the latest AI beauty technology, which is also the first time for the iPhone to adapt the beauty function to the front camera, which greatly facilitates the user’s shooting steps. In terms of the rear, the new iPhoneXI concept is also full of sincerity. There are a total of 3 cameras in the rear, and the pixels are 16 million + 12 million + 8 million, of which 8 million are wide-angle cameras with ordinary lenses. More than 25% of the viewing angle.

In terms of configuration, this phone still uses the A12 processor of Apple last year. The 4GB design is used in the storage, and the storage is 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. In the unlocking mode, Apple added an offline fingerprint unlocking method for this iPhoneXI. Users can use the Face ID and the screen fingerprint to unlock at the same time. The two unlocking methods are two-pronged. As soon as there is a way to pass, the mobile phone will immediately Unlocking greatly increases the speed at which your phone is unlocked.

The last thing to say is the battery of the iPhoneXI concept new machine. This new iPhone uses a graphene 4500 mAh super-capacity battery, which is the first battery of Apple’s battery capacity to break the 4000 mAh mark. However, the battery capacity of 4500 mA does not support the fast charge function. Overall, this phone is an upgraded version of all iPhone products in previous years, solving the problem of battery power in Apple’s mobile phone.


OPPO is new? OPPO A5 mobile phone evaluation, let’s see where it is good

In the era of this network, almost everyone has a mobile phone in their hands. Most of its role for young people is used as entertainment; for those in the workplace, it is also a useful tool that is absolutely indispensable; it may only return to the most basic in the hands of the elderly. A function – that is as a tool to connect people’s emotions. In general, this product of mobile phone is definitely a very demanding thing. The market for this product is definitely a super big cake. Therefore, in the face of this “big cake”, its market competition is absolutely very intense. And how can we get a little more “cake”? This is a problem that all domestic manufacturers of domestic mobile phones must consider. The methods they came up with were also very effective. They all tried every means to study and invent various innovative mobile phones. This action also intensified those manufacturers who were the “leaders” among the domestic mobile phones. pressure? If they want to continue to maintain their original “status,” then there must be new products that are more attractive to users. The oppo brand is an obvious representation inside.

In fact, this brand has been being squandered by everyone, saying that it is a brand that “configures its price”, the price is high, and the configuration is low. However, they still attract a large number of young girls users with their powerful shell and the beauty of the camera. However, in the past few years, everyone’s ideas seem to have changed, and its sales are completely inferior to the past. In order to change such a state, it launched a new model, OPPO Find X, in the middle of this year. When it first appeared on the market, it won the praise of all mobile phones and attracted many users. Purchase desire.

For the first time, this phone adopts a new technology, which hides both the front and back cameras in the body. They can be raised or retracted at any time according to the user’s thoughts, and this process Very fast. On the outer casing of the machine, it also uses a true full-screen design, and it is also a curved screen! And its software, also used a very good processor – Xiaolong 845, which also allows users to get a very good experience. Moreover, the addition of fingerprint unlocking and super flash charging technology at the bottom of the screen also makes this phone look very scientific. However, OPPO is obviously not satisfied with this achievement, and recently, it has launched a very practical and economical machine – OPPO A5. Because its pricing is too low, many people have started it and evaluated it in their own social circles. So what is it like? Let’s take a look together.

First of all, the processor it uses is not comparable to the millet in the same price range, so its performance will be much behind. And its system is enough for the user’s daily use, but if you want to play the game, it may have a small amount of time to get stuck. Its screen display is not high, only the entry level 720P. So, if you want to buy a game that can be played and the display is clear, this phone is not suitable for recommendation.

Secondly, on top of the outer casing, it uses a relatively large screen of relatively large size. And its body is not a common glass design, but the plastic material used. However, there is a sand craft design behind the machine, which can be very radiant with various light. Holding such a machine in your hand will give you a new feeling.

Moreover, its photo pixel is not really high, but its beauty function completely compensates for its shortcomings, and basically meets the needs of users. After testing, it is also able to take clearer photos. At the same time, it also supports the dual unlocking of the face and fingerprint, which is very good for this price of mobile phones.

Finally, we want to focus on its battery life. For this problem, it is equipped with a super-large-capacity battery. If it is used in the basic situation, it can be seen for 14 hours or so in pure day, although it does not have the function of fast charging. And it also has the function of voice assistant. If you are driving, it is not convenient to operate the phone, you can complete it through a series of simple instructions.

These are the evaluations of this mobile phone. For this price mobile phone, its shape and battery life are good and some good technology. But in terms of performance and system, it is not as good as other machines of the same price. See your personal choice.